Commerical Curb Appeal

 Well Designed Landscaping is Necessary For Business

Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success.”  - Christopher Lasch

Good landscaping can actually earn you money.  Here is how:

1)  Impropertly installed irrigation systems can be costly and water wasting:
      *  The controller should be programmed to water according to City of Austin requirements
      *  Water saving spray heads can reduce water bills by 10-20 %
      *  Maintain heads to ensure they are not spraying on concrete walkways or street
      *  Check for broken lines that leak and add significantly to water bill
      *  Use soaker lines instead of spray heads to reduce evaporation and water loss

2)  Well structured entrances guide your clients into the front door:
      *  There is a science of how to integrate shapes and colors of paveways and movement of    sidewalks to keep you walking along the path they designed.
      *  The City Planners want businesses to beautify their entrances because it improves commerce
      *  Keep paths open and easy to navigate for disabled and elderly guests
      *  Good signage is critical to marking your space and leaving an impression on the customer

3)  Curb appeal adds to the value of the property:
     * Well designed store fronts improves the personality of the street
     *  South Congress is a great example of how unique shops add color and diversity
     *  Good landscaping can increase property value by 15-20%

4)  Your front entrance is your first impression:
       * Your business projects an image to potential buyers, making them more or less inclined to buy  your company
      *  A very nice aesthetic attracts new business and catches the eye
      *  A well kept landscape creates a pleasant feel at the first encounter
      *  The recession has created a more selective shopper and attracting their initial attention gives you an edge
5)  Extra seating and comfortable spaces:
     * Creating little nooks for outdoor spaces a restaurant can add extra seating and serve more clients
     * A waiting area can be enhanced with landscaping so a guest can be comfortable and serene
     * Use plants to screen unsightly views, help reduce sound, provide shade, produce pleaseant fragrances, add color to dull exteriors