Turf Grass For Texas

The Right Grass For your Central Texas Site

Picking the right grass for your site and having realistic expectations on how it will thrive is going to save you time, water, and money.
Each site has its own unique set of conditions so here is a guide to consider:
  1. Exposure:  You will need to determine which direction your lawn is facing (North, South, East or West) and how the sun moves across your yard.  Also track where the shade is and where the dry spots are in your yard. 
  2. Moisture:  Examine how much rain water your region receives, then on your site where does the water move or pool.  If you have an irrigation system, are you getting good coverage and water pressure, and are you willing to supplement? 
  3. Soil:  Soil is a key ingredient to a healthy lawn.  You can throw away water and fertilizers into your grass and risk the possibility it won't even be absorbed.   Before putting down a lawn, a good sandy loam mix for the sod to stick to mixed with compost for organic matter that will sustain it is ideal.  A general rule is if you live West of the Balcones fault (which is pretty much West of Mopac) you will be on top of limestone.  If you live Central, you will be dealing with Clay soil, and if you live East of I-35 you are in luck.
Here are some photos of the different types of lawn grasses:

Here are my favorites :  Buffalo 609 for low traffic areas and low mow, low water.
And Pallisades Zoysia for higher growing and greener longer grass.

Finally, a handy guide on the main four and their mow heights and sun requirements.