Interview with a Client

My company, Yarrow Landscaping, recently interviewed one of our past clients to see how their new landscaping impacts their lives.

Q: What percentage of your time did you spend outdoors in your yard before your landscape renovation?

A: Not much, but we had just moved in. The yard was bare and we wanted a space where our four year old could play, but still adult-enough for us to entertain.

Q: What percentage of time do you spend outdoors now that your landscape project is complete?

A: We are outdoors every available opportunity. We use the grassy area to play sports, the deck for entertaining friends on pretty evenings, and the fire pit when it’s chilly and we want to relax.

Q: What are your favorite elements of your new landscape?

A: See above. Our favorite is the three planters outside our windows. We filled them with herbs, veggies and flowers. During the spring and summer, they look absolutely beautiful from the inside and out.

Q: What do you/your family use the most?

A: We love sitting on the deck and having dinner. Also we use the fire pit quite often. Our friends like to come over and roast marshmallows 

Q: What would you tell future clients is the most important thing to consider when landscaping their yard?

A: Privacy and easy maintenance. We chose native plants that grow fast and require little TLC.
Q: What, if anything, could have been improved by our team?

Your team did an excellent job all around. My only thought is that the work got to be a little expensive, however, little projects and issues popped up that were unexpected.